An ode to mutual feelings

This is an ode to the people who share the same feelings i do. And i don’t mean the romantic ones. I mean the excitement i share with my childhood best friend when we see each other after years without contact when his face lights up with joy i can’t help but feel we belong to the same power plant. This is an ode to the people who think like i do, to my sister who can figure out the ending to an episode of Supernatural within the first 10 minutes of watching it, because i figured it out too. This is an ode to the friends who appreciate you as much as you appreciate them, or when someone new extends themselves into your life to create that platonic tectonic relationship we are one moving in the same direction. Mutual feelings are more than love and lust. They are understanding. Knowing that I’m not alone in the way i think or feel. It’s how we connect to each other to create this ever expanding community. We feel it together. And i think, that’s the best feeling of all.

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