Expect The Unexpected

If we are expected to be perfect.
We wont be ready.
To fail.
To cry.
To say not now, this is too much.
Give us time.
Give us that single moment.
That serene moment of being safe in our own minds and bodies.
Now, our futures aren’t foretold.
Expect the unexpected they say.
But they never say what could happen.
How could one possibly know?.
How could you expect when you’re suddenly sitting in a room, looking at those distant memories and reminiscing in the glow of your life.
Thinking about a life that was long ago.
Smiling faces that are forever captured, the laughs that you can still hear.
It’s hard to say what we all won’t be able to see till it finally comes.
So how does one know when to expect the unexpected?.
For once we all look in fear but we do not tremble or cower.
But brace for the unknown.

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