Do you see that?
It looks like hope
Passing through the sky
Going from one mind to another

But look!
Hope is flying by
Not passing through a single mind
Hope lost all hope
Hopelessness was hope’s weakness.

Do you see that??
It looks like pleasure
Whirling around every mind it has trapped
With its lusts
And its wants
Who could resist its evil desires
Luring you in is all it requires
To get stronger and stronger

Do you see that???
It looks like forgiveness
Flowing through the hearts of others
Foretelling of those who seek forgiveness

But look!!
Forgiveness stopped following
Stopped flowing because it has broken too many hearts
Forgiveness only wants to be forgiven
If only forgiveness
Could foretell of it’s own forgiveness
Then forgiveness wouldn’t need to be forgiven

Do you see that????
It looks like pain
Striking the body, mind, and soul
Strangling any sign of hope
And choking forgiveness
While pain strengthens with every tear
Grows from every cry for help
And feeds

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