Do you ever think about what’s out there?
All the stars and planets like,
Black Holes forming and stars dying like,
Infinite space and infinite flying like,
Being the only ones or not knowing who’s out there like,
Space will give you space because it’s infinite and growing like,
Oh my god time is infinite and present like,
It’s scary but it’s also so beautiful like,
The big bang is the theory that it started it all like,
All of these atoms and us were made out there like,
I’m standing here in this classroom when there’s something there like,
Space is so beautiful and so amazing like,
Ninety-nine point nine nine of it won’t get explored like,
It’s so big and so crazy like,
Where are we in this big universe like,
It’s infinitely big and it just stares at me like,
I will exist forever past mankind like,
A Mastermind, undefined, were combined and rare like,
All I ever think about is space and time like,
Do you ever think about what’s out there?

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