Zombies, Fear, Cats and Pink

Zombies, fear, cats and pink.
Things I enjoy watching.
Zombies when Shaun plays video
games with his zombified friend.
Fear when Dipper gets possessed
by Bill and his sister must save him.
Cats when Garfield needs to
decide what to wear on Halloween.
Pink when Finn lays crying hugging
a wad of Princess Bubblegum’s hair.
Shaun of the Dead, Gravity Falls,
Garfield, Adventure Time.
Movies, Shows, Live Action, Cartoons.
That feeling when zombies seem
to come after me in a 3D movie.
That feeling in my stomach when
my favorite character gets captured.
That feeling when the protagonist
gets an adorable kitten as a gift.
That feeling when she walks into the
ball in the most beautiful pink dress.
That feeling when they all
come together in one poem.

Author: anyarally

philosopher, iconoclast, technoboy, musician, conjuration battle-mage, dean