I believe

I believe laughter is a cure to depression.
Just how a rainbow & sunshine us our own cure to a storm.
I believe we are slaves to the night, afraid of our own shadows.
I believe that hard work pays off.
Because it doesn’t matter how you want people to feel about you, it matters how you feel about yourself.
I believe that half the time you pray yo God he doesn’t listen.
But he never forgets about you.
I believe been asleep is better than being awake.
But then again you’re still trapped in a different realm.
A realm that even the happiest moments can still be over taken by the darkest thoughts.
Because nothing in this earth is too peaceful.
Because this world is overrun by God & Lucifer.

Crockett High School


Author: AlexM

philosopher, iconoclast, technoboy, musician, conjuration battle-mage, dean