Season Feeling

Light up my life like a Christmas tree,
You’re the angel at the top,
It’s a present to be present you better believe,
I always want to sit at the fire and hear it crackle and pop,
I fell in love with fall it’s a pleasure to fall in love with you,
I don’t mind the weather, whether or not in your presence,
I can stop and stare, and you know it’s true,
You’re the potion that mixes with my hear essence,
Touch my heart with sincerity,
When I’m with you I can think clearly, clearly you’re the one I’m seeing,
And I’m swimming in a sea of rose petals,
I can petal my way to your heart,
And you’d invite me with open arms,
You’re the puzzle we put together by the fire,
And you’re the piece I need, to every single part.

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