Amazed 2/5 (1)

As I watch the
screen,three years
flash before my
eyes. Defeat,
loss, disappointment,
blow outs, that’s
all the last three
seasons had been
about. But suddenly
everything changed
something happened
that was far too
strange. Crowds erupted, win streaks had been interrupted,
and suddenly everything that I had come accustomed to
was incredibly different. Signs reported “Broncos Win”
newsman had said that they had defied all odds and everything
had suddenly changed. Hopes, Wins, Doubt, had all been crushed as
the clock hit double zero. Everything that I had known about the past three seasons had all been changed. All the dissappointment, loss, defeat, all had been changed.

And while
the future
does not
look quite
as bright
as those shining
lights at that
moment, for
now I can just be


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