The Black Waters 3.33/5 (3)

There were voices as I sank

Mumbled voices rippling through the black waters

I’m helpless to do anything as the darkness swallows me up

Depending on air to breath I had no chance of survival

Water filled my nose

My lungs

There was no light

Only darkness escaping from the depths

I lay there motionless


He comes

I had imagined

Him to be a light

So bright you couldn’t see

His features

But instead

He had white robes on

And bare feet

He pressed down on my chest

And filled my lungs with air I stood at the bottom of the

Atlantic Ocean

Unable to speak but alive

I breathed the salty current

I felt the endless waters

It was time to go

And I knew it

I took His hand

And closed my eyes

I woke

I was laying on grass

Crystal flowers around me

Colors you couldn’t imagine

I stood up

And looked around

If you saw what I saw

Would you believe it

No Because you haven’t seen it yet

The weight that pulled me from the back

The softest feathers tickling my arms


The most marvelous wings

I soared high into the sky

Twirling and spinning

There was nothing to slow me down

The joy

The happiness

That now filled me to the brim

But I looked back

Oh how I wish

I hadn’t looked back

For what I saw brought sadness back into my heart

Like a door opening

With inviting hands


It’s blue waters

And green land

Now was behind me

Small as it was

Blackness surrounded it

Shrouded it in a thick blanket of dark

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