True to You 4/5 (1)

You may want to be cool like your friends,
Stock up on all the latest trends.
Do you have a style,
Do you love to smile.
You gotta be you,
You gotta be true.
Do you have a big heart,
But your friends are mean?
Play your part,
And you will be seen
You are unique,
Not part of a crowd.
You are yourself,
You gotta say it loud!
A true friend will like you for who you are,
So go with your passion, and go with it far.
You gotta be you,
You gotta be true.
You may feel so little,
Like you are so brittle.
But you can change the world.
You are a flower, you have unfurled
Yes, you can change the world
You gotta be you
You gotta be true
To you
You are you
You are great
You gotta be true
Don’t underrate
Yes, don’t


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