Week feelings

do I have to go back to school?
Learning makes me drool.
Grab my toast and leave with a “you’re gonna be late.”
Then a push on me and my brother Nate.
here comes the week!
Leaving anxious with a kiss on the cheek.
Ooh I have violin today.
Violin is fun to play.
Look I’m at the top of the hill!
Monday Tuesday up with a shrill.
Thursday Friday down but I’m on top!
I’m half way through and not ready to stop.
Waiting waiting for tomorrow.
But that doesn’t mean it’s full of sorrow!
Speeding up down the hill steep
Speeding up on the week
Finally here finally here the end of the hill!!
My bucket of hopes for the weekend is yet to fill!
Time flies through the day.
Can’t wait to hang out in the Friday cafe.
Saturday & Sunday-
Look at my list of fun to dos!
Wait this is only a list of zoos
Looking looking for my list.
When I find it it’s blank this adds a bit of a twist.


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