U.S. Breakfast

ALL rising,
ALL eating,
Rushing out the door,
WE are LIKE like a big U.S. breakfast!
WE are like scrambled eggs,
For OUR races,
Eggs for OUR differences.
Cheese for the fallen forgotten people,
The person eating the eggs,
Is who ever is taking over OUR country,
And last but not least,
The empty plate,
Is OUR mistakes,
WE know the mistakes are their,
Just not visible, like the cheese in our eggs.
U.S. lives in awe,
WE learn from our mistakes,
So next breakfast,
YOU wont fight for the last juice box,
Threaten YOUR brother to give him a wet smoochy,
YOU will realize something,
YOU end up in the same place every time,
YOU get in trouble,
Soon to be sitting in the corner,
Alone, in the dark, scared,
That’s why WE need to stay together as a big breakfast buffet,
Not just the eggs,
But also the bagels,
WE need to stay together not kick people out,
Stay together as one big breakfast buffet.


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