Do The Right Thing 0/5 (1)

Violence has not personally happened to me but it is going around throughout the world. It seems every day we are hearing about acts of violence on the news or through people we know. Even at school we have lockdown drills to practice in case some dangerous person tried to hurt us or threaten us. We have been having lots of drills because there have been lots of attack this year including on school campuses.

In my opinion, violence usually starts when two people or groups have a disagreement. Some acts of violence have started over stupid things like T-ball games, sneakers, and road rage. When it starts to get violent is when one or more people from a group do or say something to make the other side mad. Things start escalating and then get worse and worse. It will start with yelling, then bad language, next a little pushing then punching and if it’s that bad maybe even killing. Sometimes violence doesn’t end for years like family disputes, gang rivalries and wars between nations.

One way I can try to prevent violence is by not being a bystander. If I feel safe I can try to break up a fight to the best as my ability. I can also stop a serious argument that I know can turn into something bad by offering help or by coming up with a solution. With so much bullying going on in schools another way I can try and prevent violence is by being nice, and using kind words to people even if I don’t know them that well. You never know what kind of a day someone is having. It can take as little as one word at the wrong time to push someone to cause violence to himself or others.

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