I am from guitars and drumsticks on the floor and walls, from chocolaty Reece’s Peanut Butter cups and Finder amps in the corners of the rooms.

I am from the white brick red dark draping door the house on the near corner of the street.

I am from music in the living room from doing yo-yo outside and from the fresh smell of the kitchen coming in the house after school.

I am from the garden in the backyard the dark leaves falling from the spiraling trees that stretch to the top of the clouds.

I am from watching Elf every year before Christmas and laughs coming from the playroom from my little sisters and step mom.

I am from the biking dad and joking mom.

From Yes Ma’am and No Sir.

I am from going to the church and praying at night.

I am from German Grandparents from cookies and salad.

From the dad who lived on a big farm.

I am from 6505 Carringon Dr.


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