My Life 3.13/5 (8)

I am from Austin Swim Club kick boards,

And riding boots caked with mud.

From delicious homemade pizza

And following Whole 30 diets.


I’m from a large roomy place with a

blue, horse bedroom of my own.


I am from reading horse books in my bed,

And knitting bunnies with Grandma May.

From always drinking out of the sink faucet,

And wearing long brown ponytails.


I’m from dinosaur eggs to dinosaur bones,

And watching fireworks on Independence Day.

From beautiful sunsets on Bethany Beach,

And a lovely stroll in Central Park.


I am from planting lilacs in the garden,

And picking out pansies at the store.

From Tiernan, the Irish men,

And May the mighty.


I’m from the smoky smells of New York City,

And scones freshly baking in the oven.

From a fresh pot of tea,

And a New York bagel with oodles of cream cheese.


I am from ‘You can never have too many horses,’

And ‘Wind in my hair, don’t care.’

From ‘Wings of Fire’

And ‘Pegasus’ by Kate O’Hearn


I’m from Friesian Stallions,

And golden doodle puppy dogs.

From everything I love,

And all my life I’ve yet to live.

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