The 5-Finger Family 5/5 (8)

Dad—the tallest finger, middle.
Tall and handy,
Smart and strong.
He’s the one who deals with misbehavior.
Maybe one day I’ll be a scientist like him.

Mom—the ring finger.
Kind and helpful,
Caring, works hard.
She’s the one who never misses a school event.
Always there to make a bad day better.

Me—the pointer finger.
Smart and talented,
Awesome but blamy.
When I fight with the Pinky,
I’m like, “HE STARTED IT!”

Luca—the smallest finger, the pinky.
Funny and sensitive,
Impressionable and inquisitive.
He’s the one that always knocks on my door.
When we fight, he yells “IT’S HIS FAULT!”

Kie-Kie—the cat, the thumb.
Fluffy and feisty,
Shy and sweet.
She’s the one who sleeps all day in our rooms.
Purring, playing, cuddling too.

Gonzalez, the hand.


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