Where I’m From

I am from huggies diapers, crayola markers, and Apple Computers.

I am from the warm and loving; a party!

I am from boating in Lake Travis, from making mud pies, and rock soup, from crazy fun.

I am from the wild turkeys and deer, the dry hard dirt.

I am from Little Helping Hands, and blue eyes from Mama and Daddy.

From putting it aside, to working as close to perfection as possible.

From Gralley Gus is gonna getcha, to if you don’t go get in bed, i’ll call dracula.

I am from believing in helping others to treating people the way you want to be treated.

I am from Marines.

I am from grilled chicken, with creamy white rice and warm s’mores by the fire that burns on forever.

From pulling up the car to the white car to the small rock wall, barricading the sand and running into the warm beach to see pastel painted sea glass.

I am from the white stone house on Kali Cove.


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