BLM 5/5 (1)

They don’t ask for much
Simply equality.
They don’t want your pity
They want the bullets to have a reasoning.

They simply want justice for Brown
Apologies for Sterling
Change in the name of Garner
And reconciliation over Crutcher

Stop silencing them
Stop preaching for all lives matter
They get that, they understand
But their lives matter too

Don’t ignore their calls
Their cries and protests
Don’t degrade their anger
Stop splitting their families

Stop being the broom of justice
Sweeping them under the rug of white supremacy
Listen, just open your ears
Listen and make a change

Just once a day
We can educate our friends
Teach our families
Stand together to fight their oppression

We should be one
We should be equal
Please, stand with them
Please preach for change

That’s all they ask
To be fully freed of their oppression
To see eye to eye
To all citizens


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