Running free on the wind
Feet barely touching ground
Nothing keeping her down
Endless energy for an endless chase
Never stopping never slowing
Moving forwards never backwards
One day she starts to slow,
The ground she’s barely touched
Is now holding her back
Slowing her run to a stop pulling her to the ground,
Chains keeping her down.
Now for the first time she has no freedom.
Can no longer do as she wishes.
The simple gift she has always taken for granted is now gone.
Maybe as many days go by the chains will loosen allowing her to stand and maybe walk.
Perhaps one day she will have her freedom again,
Free to run with the wind again
Then maybe after that the chains will come again,
Stealing away her freedom.
Being careful when she is able to run again,
But on the ground chained hoping and waiting for her freedom .
Until then she waits.

Gorzycki Middle School



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