Can’t Stop Playing 4.5/5 (2)

I can’t stop playing video games today
It Is all I ever want to play
The graphics are outstanding
But my mom is so demanding
“Stop playing these video games”
Is what my mom angrily exclaims

Computer, box, things that you wear
Whatever console it is I don’t care
Lunchtime, but I cannot eat
This level is one I shall beat
It is when I die the most
The last level versus Blinky The Ghost

Halo, Galaga, Kingdom Rush
Any enemy I will crush
Against the aliens, I have a gun
Playing this is really fun.
I now have a ship, in a small dogfight
I shall play all through the night.

I am but one lonely plumber
I explore the sewers with my brother
Now I am surrounded by a world of blocks
With tons of animals, and not a single one of them talks

My hands are molded into remotes
When I win I use emotes
Just to Taunt I mean no harm
It cost Ponda Baba an arm

I shall stop when this day ends
That is what my mom recommends
I look at my time the numbers aglow
Wait, It’s already TOMORROW?


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