Golden Corral

The smell of food, so good, so sweet
Golden Corral is where I eat
tastes as good as cake
I’ll gobble it up, like a snake
I touch my fork, so shiny, so smooth
The perfect mix, for me a youth
I taste some donuts, so great, so divine
Golden Corral is the place I dine
Eating there is a piece of cake
If you don’t eat it all, you’re food I’ll take
The rush of something, in a fountain I hear
A chocolate fountain begging me to come near
I see so much, so much food
Golden Corral’s the best place, I conclude
The table is soft the chairs are clouds
Golden corral attracts many crowds
I would not leave, I want to stay
Golden Corral I’ll stay all day.
Leaving here, I dread with sorrow
Is there a chance we could come back, Tomorrow?


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