I Forgave You 5/5 (1)

Let me drop some sense in you about life.

Well, it’s pretty short and sometimes not right.

I guarantee you won’t smile every day.


“Friends.” What’s that?!

They smile to your face

Yet are quick to talk behind your back.

Man, what do you call that?


Who said life was easy?

Whoever caused you your pain

Aint worth crying for in vain!

Just get through and move on.


You cared for them!

Worried for them!

You want the best for them!

But think about it…Are they worth caring for?


What hurts me the most is I thought we

were “so close.”

I told my mom about you, but as soon as she

got to know you, she saw the real you!

I’m done playing the “forgive me” game.

I gave you so many chances.

You deserved not one!


You gave me all those “sorrys” and “please

forgive mes” and guess what?

My stupid self fell for it!

I was such a good friend to you,

And don’t you deny it

Cause all those times you begged for

forgiveness-I did.

You were never a good friend to me.

I knew it all along.

I just didn’t want to leave you.

You know you needed me-I kept you out of trouble.

Well at least I tried.

Of course there was a point I loved you.

A lot.


But now you can forget about it

You’re so gone.

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