Seeing a Shark 3/5 (1)

It’s drifting through the water
Through the Ocean blue
You never see it coming
Although it’s right in front of you
It blends into the sand
A deep, rich tan
When you see it
It’s always too late
I see my reflection in the water
Distorted as I break through it
The shark swimming faster and faster away
Desperate to get away from this, monster
As I run, I am oblivious to the world around me
The shark is my only goal
I see nothing but the shark
I hear nothing but the waves
I smell nothing but the breeze
I lunge and miss
The shark is heading for deeper water now
This is my last chance
I look down and see something
Spiky, and purple
I know it’s a Sea Urchin but it doesn’t matter
Only the shark does
I trip, I stumble
I watch the shark glide back
Farther and farther away
Into the safeties of the deep
I watch it sail smoothly away
I feel lonely far away
Until I hear someone calling my name
I slowly trudge back to the beach
Noticing things I didn’t notice before
When I walk, sand swirls up, almo


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