Badland 4.88/5 (8)

Its majesty brushed

with browns and reds.
Towering saguaro piercing
the land. Visited by screeching;
bats in search

of the insects illuminated
by the moon.
Sonoran paradise.
A wasteland: sweltering
with hazy apparitions by day,

frozen over by relentless
cold at night. Summer air invites
a silent killer.
It begins as avid wind-
agitating the dry crust
on the blushing rocks.

The devils begin to stir.
Survivors vanish-
into the cracked clay.

The horizon. The suns
resting place, enlightened
twice; now a darkened cloak.
Consuming everything,

Sand slices like shards of glass.
Wind shrouds the rocks,
dulling their glow. Overwhelms
the snakes and owls.

An eternity of rolling
dust encases everything,

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