My Sister Ate My Homework 3.6/5 (5)

My sister ate my homework.
It’s actually kind of a funny feeling
It makes my toes tingle
To where my feet begin to dance
Because my sister ate my homework
How could that be?

The dog and I worked on it endless hours
He helped me with my multiplication
And especially with the division
Oh my, that’s a whole other story

He’s quite the tutor or should I say tooter?
Anyway, maybe that’s why she got so jealous
Because he’s so much help
And smells a lot better!

I left my homework on my desk
I swear
I looked everywhere
Even at the dog
Who was definitely innocent
I swear

I turned to look at my sister
And I saw it with my own eyes
She swallowed it whole
All my hard work gone
In one bite!


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