Ode To My Friends

My friends make me happy as my presents on Christmas.

My friends always talk to me whenever I need them.

Some of them comfort me whenever something sad happens.

My tears telling them I need them.

Even on my birthday my friends make me

feel like I’m the fireworks on the 4th of July.


They help me whenever I had fallen.

Sometimes when I think that my life is over

they still tell me all the great things I have done.

My friends are not really different from me.

When I first met my best friend that moved she

was like the only person that stood up for me.


The next day I went to school then the next thing

I know the bell went ding ding and there I was in class.

Then the next thing I know the end of school bell went

ding dong ding

When I went outside I saw my friends,

my anchors when the waves get big

It’s like if I didn’t have my friends my world would be different.

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