The one that intimidates me the most
Was the one I once adored.

Consumed by many emotions,
Like a preteen.
The thought of you dances in my veins and
I adored its choreography.

I don’t know which to favor,
The infection of love
Or the agony of heartbreak.

He drove many miles
In a taxicab to see you.
He was once consumed by fear
That someone might see him slip away.
Surrounded by millions of people,
with not a single witness.

O lady from the East,
Why do participate in adultery?
Are you blinded by the aroma of Cartier?
Do you not see it’s infectious disease,
That’s already obliterated me?

I pretend to know nothing of unfaithfulness
But that’s a deceiving lie.
It may even kill me.

The factuality of it all
Runs deeper than love,
Even the mistress can sense
She’s not the only one.

It’s midnight across the city,
Frigid, but not cold enough to freeze,
People out walking, the city still living.


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