My Horse and I 5/5 (2)

When I am happy, my horse is sad.

When my horse is happy, I am sad.

When he is mad from me not giving it a pat on the back, it makes me get on.

Then…boom, pow, crash…He bucks me off and before you know my horse has to go because now I am in the hospital.


Now you know when I am sad my horse is mad.

Now that’s a reverse that will nurse me in this hospital.

You can come visit me with friends and family in my disability.

Now here I am all alone eating watermelon.


Now the only thing I want is to not be sunk like my horse.

For my name is Joe, so I have to go.

Because I never had hot cocoa.

So now I am out of the hospital.


Now my horse is here. I hope he doesn’t come near.

Or else this is going to have to start all over.


Well this will not continue… because I am little my whole name is… little pickle

Tickles my hippo H2o my favorite number is zero, but I am more wise than my name.


It’s kind of like my little game that I used to play. It’s not the name game. Wait…I forgot,

it’s hopscotch. No it’s not. It does not use boom, pow, ahhh. It just uses your brain.

You can play, if you may.

Or say well… This is how you play. The judge says something, then there are two players. Each player has to say the best definition. The player who delivers the best definition wins!


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