A Canadian in Texas

I’ve had it now I can’t go on
I’ve gone too far with just dry earth to walk upon
This isn’t right there is no snow

10 days till Christmas
I just don’t know.
If I can make it without pine trees
Without snowmen or a winter breeze

Without the snow I just can’t last
Without sledding this place is daft

And though your sports teams are better
And though some people love the warmer weather
And though here is the warmest state
And though most people thinks its something to appreciate. I can’t stand the scorching sun.
And though most people have tons of fun
And though
And though
And though

This place has no igloos
No frozen lake it has
No snow forts
No outside places to ice skate.

But as I said before I’ve had now I can’t go on
Not with just dry earth to walk upon

(P.S. No offense Texas) 🙂


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