I’m sick and Tired 3/5 (2)

I’m sick and tired of hearing “I don’t want the gays shoving their sexuality in my face.”

As if I can sit through a movie in theatres without sending even one straight kiss

As if I can walk down the street without seeing some straight couple holding hands or kissing

As if I can go one day without seeing horny straight teens pressed up against each other in the hallway


I’m sick and tired of “Not everything has to be gay!”

As if everything isn’t already dominated by heterosexuality

As if representation is too much to ask for when straights see themselves in a vast majority of

the media we consume

AS if little boys and girls don’t grow up confused because they never see boys and girls kissing other boys and girls


I’m sick and tired of “got hates queers”

As if god doesn’t love all his children

As if the priests who are out there raping little boys get to judge my sexuality (side note: the

ones who aren’t molesters don’t get to judge me either, because they preach that “only god can judge” and I don’t listen to hypocrites)

As if it isn’t hypocritical and straight up ignorant to persecute gays when you’re not slicing off the

hands of teenage girls who’ve touched a dick or condemning clothing lines with mixed fabrics.

You don’t get to pick and choose.


I’m sick and tired of “The gays will convert me!”

As if we’re going door to door with pamphlets and ridiculously long explanations. Y’know, like

the Jehova’s witnesses.

As if being gay is as much of a choice as being staight

As if conversion therapy uses several inhumane and unethical methods, such as torture and

abuse, to convert straights to gays, and NOT the other way around.


I’m sick and tired of “I wouldn’t be scared”

I am sick and tired of “I understand”

As if you have an idea what it’s like to fear for your life during everyday activities simply

because of who’s hand you’re holding or the meaning of the flag on your shirt

As if you have any idea what it feels like to wake up and learn that 50 of your brothers and

sisters were murdered.

As if Pulse affected you the same way it affected us.

As if you can look at Matthew Shepard and Pulse and think could’ve been me.


I am sick and tired of fighting for my rights

As if loving someone means I automatically forfeit rights I should’ve been born with

I am sick and tired of hatred

I am sick and tired of discrimination

I am sick and tired of being treated like I am not human

As if being in love is evidence enough that I am disgusting, filthy, inhuman creature

who deserves nothing but death.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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