Never-Forgotten Memories


I climb the hill.
I´m living on for days.
I meet the house.
I take a look around.

Tree´s brushing along.
The Earth giving me a cool breeze,
As I greet the door.
Pushed the door open,
Noticing a flea infested dog,
On the floor.

Wagging her tail back and forth,
Noticing fleas flying off,
Every second.

Shut the door behind me,
Emotions in my head filter me,
Should I keep it?
Should I call animal control?

Back and forth my head went.
My decision was correct.

Flea infested dog was just a dog.
Wonderful weather blew in.
New best friend.
Only for a little longer until.

I couldn’t tell.
Not now.
Maybe later.

Days flew by faster than air.
Fun memories created.
Happiness piled in.

Last day,
Worse and Best day.
Fun adventures, No longer.

Throwing luggage.
Closed car door.

I drove down the hill,
I once came up.
I check the mirror,
Seeing the saddest dog on the world,
Wondering if I’ll ever come back.

He’ll find my treat


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