The Good Ol’ Days

The good ol’ days

When naptime was the best time

You would always fall asleep to a nursery rhyme

And climbing trees would leave you with

Bruised skin and skinned knees


The good ol’ days

when everything was an adventure

You would always move the couches and all of the furniture

And play lava, build forts, and get into all

Sort of trouble


The good ol’ days

When your best friend was a teddy bear

You would take him to school and nobody would care

And now you’re learning how to share

And you think it’s not fair

For life to ever be this way


The good ol’ days

When it was plain and simple to see

That you didn’t have to worry about what you really wanted to be

Or what you wear

The color of your hair

Or even if you were allowed to swear

Where has the time gone?


The good ol’ days

I’m losing that sight

These colorful photos are turning to black and white

Those memories will soon fade

But oh how much I’d pay

To just go back to the good ol’ days

Author: bumblebriii13

philosopher, iconoclast, technoboy, musician, conjuration battle-mage, dean

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