Wonderland 5/5 (1)

O’er the trees,
a glimmer of pink enters my view.
After that, the blazing orb that is the sun,
appears in the sky.

The wonder is incredible.
I am briefly stunned,
but continue on.
For I have long to go
‘fore dawn.

Traveling forward,
not staring back.
I am once again blown away.
A second glowing medallion,
the moon is full and perfect.

My destination suddenly seems,
so much less important.
I stop,
And take in nature’s paradise.

The air is crisp, and clean.
Nowhere in sight,
are signs of
human civilization.
That would ruin it all.

Outside the boundary,
where factories and houses loom,
life goes on.
But here, everything is paused,
and preserved.

No need to travel,
this is where I belong.
In nature,
In peace,
In wonderland.


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