Night-Cat 5/5 (13)

As the Night-cat’s wings spread,
My feet heavy as lead,
The Night-cat whispers to the Moon-dog,
A tree crumbles into a rotten log,
The Night-cat’s eyes begin to glow,
Then her eyes stare at me with great sorrow,
I back away as she crosses a moon-lit petal,
Suddenly my legs turn to metal,
The Night-cat moaned a tear-jerking cry,
As the silver pond lilies started to die,
She then flew to me in a longing way,
And in a soothing, creamy, soft voice she began to say,
“We live among blossoms in bloom,
I am midnight and he is Moon,
you should not be here among the golden stars,
you should be down on Earth, with your murdering cars.
You are a people, many I can see.
You are sweet as cherry tea.
Leave now and you will see,
How beautiful life can be.”
I looked at her, and she looked at me,
They I saw the lifelong beauty,
meadows of green, and skies of blue,
It’s so amazing what one

Lamar Middle School


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