The Note 5/5 (1)

I thank the silence
That keeps us apart.
And the darkness
That lets me sleep at night
Without pondering the question that looms above
What are we?

They said love was warm and soft
Like the baguettes found at a french bakery.
Yet it feels heavy and cold
Almost like guilt.

They said love was beautiful and gentle
But as I pass him,
I feel like I’m being stabbed
As false joy disguises dread.

They said love was a blessing
But they’re wrong
It’s a curse
Coated in desire.

It all started with a note
from him.
So obvious and blunt:
I love you.
So simple and evil:
I love you.

I cried.
Maybe from pure joy
or pure anger
I loved him too.
Just not what we’ve become.

Lamar Middle School


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