For You 3.75/5 (4)

To your mother –
your father –
your sisters.
To me.

Your soul enlightened each and every day.
A soul too eager;
too intellectual –
too beautiful.

I saw the way you felt;
about life –
graceful, everchanging.
About the universe-
unsuspecting, unreasonable.

You cherished
creativity through voice.
Your expression,

We used to talk
talk about things we barely understand:
nirvana –
love and happiness –

We agreed:
we had no idea where
we would end up.
It didn’t matter.

As long as there was
in every fiber of our being.
Through every action
of every day we lived.

You loved the idea of
starting over.
Moving on to a new life
encompassing contentment;

You let yourself fill with
Only seen,
if you allowed.

It built up,
But you never let it out.

I wish you would have let it burst.
I wanted you to let it explode
and pour out of your mind.
Like sand –
release the weight inside.

Yet instead,
you tied a knot.
One that will never be undone.
sand turned into rocks
and pulled you to the bottom of the ocean.

You would never let
taint how you loved the world.
dull the flame inside you.

The perfect release,
you found your nirvana.
Expelled beauty through your existence
and the world soaked it up.

When folding clouds roll
across a rose and lavender
stained sky.

When the moonlight
tears the ocean in half;
and the waves try to heal themselves.

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