The Little Blue Planet 5/5 (1)

Can you look behind you
and stop looking in the mirror, stop living in a reflection?
It’s not really you. It’s not real,
but turn around, please, Just look.
It’s broken, it’s cracked and it’s irreplaceable. It’s our home.
It’s earth, the little blue planet.
It’s a dark place to live in now because we made it dark.
But why don’t we help?
Why? Why is that fair? Do you know?

We took everything,
everything from our planet.
It was a friend, not a person, but it was alive
with everything living on it.
We wore it down, though,
down to a solid and unliving figure, standing alone,
Overheated, melting, caving in.

It’s not simple anymore.
We’re too self obsessed.
We’re too busy looking at our phones.
We think we can’t make a difference.
We think is pointless to try,
but it isn’t.

Adults always teach us to believe, but it’s hard
when those who teach us to believe break
not only their promises, but they break the world.
They hand over a pile of trash and expect us to clean it up.
Maybe it’s not fair, but life was never fair.
Quit feeling sorry for yourself
And do something.

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