Flow of life 4.57/5 (42)

The sun is bright, the sky is blue
The wind is cold, the frost is too

The ocean waves are calm but do stay
The rainbow across the mountain never goes away

There is anger and hate, and joy with fate
There is hope and creation, and sadness with frustration

But all leads to one equation
Light and dark are the same, so as life and death

Creation and destruction are the same
That is the equation of life that we all live today

Live your life, see it through
Don’t have hate but joy with you
And see the many wonders that life brings to you

Be the calm river that is steady and slow
Or go through the stream that is wild and free
And go through the adventures that were meant for you

Don’t go down the path that is written
Go down the path that you write as you go
Don’t let anything stop you, don’t let anything make you slow

Choose your path calm or wild
Flow with life as you go!

Bernice Kiker Elementary


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