Where I’m From

I am from hot irons glistening with steam, from needles that poke and dirty windows that get a scrubbing with the Clorox that we praise.
I am from the old brick New Orleans style house.
I am from football Saturdays and getting reminded the Golden Rule and the smell of greasy bacon and sticky donuts when I wake up.
I am from the pine trees swaying in the breeze and the tomato plants standing tall.
I am from church on Sundays and freckles all around.  From the Mulig branch and the Shirley.
I am from running around the neighborhood and making sweet fresh jelly with family.
From, please get along with your siblings to thanks for setting the tone.
I’m from Jesus died on the cross and kindness will get you through life.
I’m from if you don’t eat seafood you’re not going to like my family.
From crawfish boils and cornbread dressing.
From the Papasitos’ story and the laughs.
I’m from 10035 Clemente Circle.

Author: AveryM

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