KLRU Taping

Hello, Vision+Voice Poets, Parents, and Teachers!

Congratulations to all the poets for having your work selected for recognition in the 2017 Vision+Voice Poetry Contest! This year, over 400 poems were submitted to the contest from students all over Austin, so you should be proud of this accomplishment. I am so excited to see all of these amazing poems published in the 2017 Vision+Voice Anthology, and to see the winning poems transformed into posters.

One of the special things we do for Vision+Voice poets is to arrange a taping of each poet reading their poem at the historic KLRU Studio 6 – a.k.a. the birthplace of Austin City Limits. This year, we are inviting ALL winning and honorable mention poets to come in and tape their poems.
Here’s a link to previous tapings so you can see how cool this is.

The taping is scheduled for Monday, March 27.
PLEASE contact me to schedule a time to come in to do the taping.
(The taping is really easy and takes no more than 15 minutes)
Thanks – I look forward to meeting you!
Polly Monear, Vision+Voice Coordinator
512-223-3352 / pmonear@austincc.edu

2016-17 Winners!

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2016-17 Vision+Voice poetry contest! First choice poems will be paired with art by an ACC art student to create posters, and all the winning poems will be collected into the 2016-17 anthology.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the Vision+Voice Award Reception:
Friday, April 28
ACC Eastview Campus, 3401 Webberville Road

More info coming soon!

Winning Poems

Kindergarten: Whale, Elle J., Ridgetop Elementary
First: My Story, Ana D., Ross Baldwin Elementary
Second: Tsunami, Ryan H., Boone Elementary
Third: Art, Ivy N., Baldwin Elementary
Fourth: Time, Martha N., Casis Elementary
Fifth: The Flow of Life, Janhavi K., Bernice Kiker Elementary
Sixth: The Heart Hears Music, Lily C., Lamar Middle School
Seventh: Pearl Whiskers, Ivy M., The Ann Richards School
Eighth: Empty Scars, Rachel P., Covington Middle School
Ninth: Nothing, Blayce W., William B. Travis Early College High School
Tenth:  Light (And Not), Miranda H., McCallum High School
Eleventh: Badland, Saylor H., James Bowie High School
Twelfth: Deep in the Heart, Hailey A., James Bowie High School
Dean’s Choice: El Monstruo, Ximena S., Barbara Jordan Elementary

Honorable Mention Poems

Kindergarten: Polar Bear, Ruby L., Rodriguez Elementary
Kindergarten: Monster Truck, Xavier J., Rodriguez Elementary
First: Just Be Happy, Christopher Z., Odom Elementary
Second: Time, Astrid F., Gullett Elementary
Second: Christmas, Alyssa T., Baranoff Elementary
Third: What I Like, Eva D., Blanton Elementary
Third: In the Front Yard, Lark T., Bryker Woods Elementary
Fourth: To Swim, Olivia A., Casis Elementary
Fourth: My Sister Ate My Homework, Malachi J., Boone Elementary
Fifth: The Ocean, Nicole P., Kiker Elementary
Fifth: Dreams, Nicole P., Kiker Elementary
Sixth: My Family is Like the Ocean, Omar U, Gorzycki Middle School
Sixth: Sunrise, Megan S., Gorzycki Middle School
Seventh: Underwater, Peyton C., Lamar Middle School
Seventh: Dysl3xia, Ryan O., Gorzycki Middle School
Eighth: Chains, Samantha P., Gorzycki Middle School
Eighth: Home, Kelsey N., Fulmore Middle School
Ninth: Color Guard, Talia H., James Bowie High School
Tenth: Ode to the Night, Marisa R., Anderson High School
Eleventh: BLM, Charlotte T., James Bowie High School
Eleventh: Bloodletting, Riley E., Garza Independence High School
Twelfth: Zephyr, Rachel C., James Bowie High School
Twelfth: Repress, Disaster Alike, Don’t You, Nicole H., James Bowie High School
Dean’s Choice: Gus, Diane D, Gorzycki Middle School

Thanks to all the parents and teachers who support our poets! Special thanks to AISD for helping to make Vision+Voice possible.

And to our poets: It’s your vision, and your voice. Thanks!