I am 3.33/5 (3)

I am like a fire
Burning bright
I illuminate wild eyes
Like an animal
Ready to strike
A glint of madness
In my flames
I am like the calm before the storm
Quite until I strike
I am the insanity of the flame
Consuming all I touch
Every thought
Every action
I am like the smoke of a fire
Dark and pungent
Killing those who stay
Slowly chocking the life away
As I burn the wood
All other thoughts leave me
All I know is fleeing my fire grasp
I am the embers of the fire
What’s leftover
I am all that’s left
After the insanity strikes
I am like the smell of a burnt out fire
The only thing that tells you
I was here
I’ve destroyed all else
I am a fire
I burn and destroy all in my path
Nothing can reach me
For none can touch me
I am eternal
eternal and alone

Bowie High School


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