The Lonely Island 3/5 (2)

The lonely island waded in the ocean
Drowned in knobbly sand
Dressed only in broken bottles and rusted treasures
The sun looked wrong on his weary body
No glow
No shine
Just there

A traveler at heart
But with no weight to carry him
He was immovable
A lazy blob on a lazy planet
No feet to walk him
No wings to fly him
Nobody to help him

Everyday though
Pure white birds would fly above him
Almost like angels they looked
He begged for them to stay
To dance in his no longer shiny jewels
And tell him about the world he could never see
They left

Then one stormy day
When not even the island could hear his own pleas of sadness
A ragged bird soared by with feathers the color of dirt
Almost matching the wreckage on the island’s shore
Startled by the noises of the clouds
It dropped something and the island called for it to come back but again nobody heard
It left

The “something” only grew from then on
It became so tall that the island thought it was attached to the sky
A palm tree
Birds came from everywhere to marvel at it
The island became a popular pitstop for them
They would rest in its leaves and chat about foreign lands
They stayed

Bailey Middle School

8th Grade

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