Water 4.67/5 (3)

There must be something in the water
The water that fills the glasses of men.
Men who dismiss me because I’m not exotic.
Because you will never find my hair on somebody’s cheap wig.
Because no one goes into the doctor’s office and asks for my nose
Because there are lotions filled with bleach meant to lighten my skin
And Whiten my mind
Just like how you whiten your teeth to brighten your smile.
I’m confused
Does this mean that I need some new double Ds
And a bag full of weave to make you want me?
There must be something in this water.
This water that I’m drowning in
You’ve filled the pool over my head and I can’t swim
Meanwhile, there are foreign girls sitting by the beach getting a tan
Darkening their skin while you tell me to lighten mine
But I’m fine
The surgery will only take a little time,
and some blood to make me the girl that can
finally, feel wanted.
Finally feel like more than somebody’s second choice.
Finally feel like a girl who isn’t surprised when a boy shows interest in her.
There must be something in this water
That you force down my throat
Because now as I look in the mirror it’s harder and harder to resist
Your grip. This must be the feeling that gets people to slit their wrists.
When you’re tired of fighting and want to give in because the water tastes like poison, but promises heaven, so you just keep drinking
Until you realize that you’re not who you thought you were anymore.
Your hair has been burned and your skin is boiling.
Some days you can’t even remember your own name
It’s insane, but it’s true
You don’t know what to say and you don’t know what to do
so you just blame it on the water.

Liberal Arts and Science Academy


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