Weekend 4.5/5 (2)

I feel like I could drop
I stare at the clock

Will this day never end
The time just seems to extend

Minute by minute second by second
Hurry up I beckoned

My bag was packed and ready to go
My excitement was starting to show

A shrill sound filled the air
Kids started going everywhere

They filled the hall
Wall to wall

Most going in the same direction
‘This is almost like traffic’ I thought in reflection

I’d honk my horn if I had one
For the school week was finally done

At home I heard the calling of my bed
Netflix glowing a glorious red

Homework to be ignored till Sunday
And, who knows, maybe even Monday

Look I finally reached the door
I’m so looking forward to video games till the morning hours of four

I walk hurriedly to the bus
For if I delayed it I would cause a fuss

On its route the bus begins
My music pulsing through my earbuds so loud it sound be a sin

Eventually we approach my stop
It would have been sooner if we had a siren like a cop

I rush home my music even louder
I don’t think the Flash could have been prouder

Finally I reach the door
Of my home
my favorite place on earth

Anderson High School


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