Brave Voices

Once there was a victim unheard
Trapped and enslaved in a cage like a bird
But at one time that cage blew away
Knowing it was her time, her day
The bird flew away to tell her story
The horror, oh the horror
But they found in her glory
The strength that she wields
Her voice and her shield
Because of her, all the birds flew
And they knew
“Me too.”

Casis Elementary



I feel like I could drop
I stare at the clock

Will this day never end
The time just seems to extend

Minute by minute second by second
Hurry up I beckoned

My bag was packed and ready to go
My excitement was starting to show

A shrill sound filled the air
Kids started going everywhere

They filled the hall
Wall to wall

Most going in the same direction
‘This is almost like traffic’ I thought in reflection

I’d honk my horn if I had one
For the school week was finally done

At home I heard the calling of my bed
Netflix glowing a glorious red

Homework to be ignored till Sunday
And, who knows, maybe even Monday

Look I finally reached the door
I’m so looking forward to video games till the morning hours of four

I walk hurriedly to the bus
For if I delayed it I would cause a fuss

On its route the bus begins
My music pulsing through my earbuds so loud it sound be a sin

Eventually we approach my stop
It would have been sooner if we had a siren like a cop

I rush home my music even louder
I don’t think the Flash could have been prouder

Finally I reach the door
Of my home
my favorite place on earth

Anderson High School



By kahshanna kingston

Why, why do lie ? why do we make up stories til we’re 6ft under the in a hole, a big grave filled with LIES. why do we cry feel sorrow and hurt ? is it because we’re happy,sad,and mad.
Why do we laugh , i know why i laugh, because i feel the love. Why do we love ?
Because, the more we love the less hate there is.
But, when you grow and your young child asks “mom why do we hate ?” because some do not know what they do, so we FORGIVE. “Mommy why do we forgive ?” so, we can forget.

L.C. Anderson High School


Who I am- Mad Writer

Before, during, and after my last adventure.
I had forgotten who I was, who I am.
I had just been stumbling through my black and white, silent movie.
I realize now,
I am an entertainer.
Made to entertain the masses and bring joy to my friends,
Now I must dress in my costume,
Long white socks,
Worn shoes,
Random t-shirt,
The main pieces are set.
I take one last look at myself as I walk out the door,
Oops forgetting something,
Flash my hand across my face,
A Smile,
Now I’m ready.
Lets see what my next endeavor will hold.
-The Mad Writer

Austin High School



There must be something in the water
The water that fills the glasses of men.
Men who dismiss me because I’m not exotic.
Because you will never find my hair on somebody’s cheap wig.
Because no one goes into the doctor’s office and asks for my nose
Because there are lotions filled with bleach meant to lighten my skin
And Whiten my mind
Just like how you whiten your teeth to brighten your smile.
I’m confused
Does this mean that I need some new double Ds
And a bag full of weave to make you want me?
There must be something in this water.
This water that I’m drowning in
You’ve filled the pool over my head and I can’t swim
Meanwhile, there are foreign girls sitting by the beach getting a tan
Darkening their skin while you tell me to lighten mine
But I’m fine
The surgery will only take a little time,
and some blood to make me the girl that can
finally, feel wanted.
Finally feel like more than somebody’s second choice.
Finally feel like a girl who isn’t surprised when a boy shows interest in her.
There must be something in this water
That you force down my throat
Because now as I look in the mirror it’s harder and harder to resist
Your grip. This must be the feeling that gets people to slit their wrists.
When you’re tired of fighting and want to give in because the water tastes like poison, but promises heaven, so you just keep drinking
Until you realize that you’re not who you thought you were anymore.
Your hair has been burned and your skin is boiling.
Some days you can’t even remember your own name
It’s insane, but it’s true
You don’t know what to say and you don’t know what to do
so you just blame it on the water.

Liberal Arts and Science Academy


The Red Flowers

On a forest path with the rocks sliding off the edge
Green vines tangle with the tree branches
Tiny red petals folding over each other with a yellow stem like a birthday candle
Green leaves shaped like two hearts curling off the stem
A perfume surrounds them
A heavy pink fog
Our twin hearts and ambitions tangle together
Until they are a knot of yarn
That can’t be fixed until someone cuts the thread
My sister plucks a red bud and pops it in her mouth
Dad said it was poison
She said it tasted like watermelon

Ann Richards School



dark as the depths of the sea
slow as a deadly glacier
royal, powerful, grounded
cold as an icy blizzard on bare skin

blue is the deepest of sleep, dreamless
blue is the grace of a ballet dancer on stage, nameless
blue is a salty taste on your tongue
blue is steady breathing, calling out in silence
blue is creases crowning eyes of an elder, frameless

unsettling as bruises, beaten badly backwards, black and blue
wicked as the plot of a movie, retching your heart, warping your mind
calm, quiet, in control
shocking as the thunder, preparing for petrifying pops of lightning

blue is mesmerizing paint drenching fingers, now hued
blue is pouring rain, lingers a sombering mood
blue is the calm before the storm
blue darkens the sky towards night
blue is unknown faces in a crowd, untouched and nude

blue drags you down to the beach to watch the waves
‘cause you may only be alive a few more days

Bailey Middle School


Deep Blue

Oh what we can imagine…
Oh the Deep Blue
“Aaaaouuuu Pretty!!!”

Oh what the Deep Blue contains

What does the Big Ocean Blue really contain?
We don’t know,
anything could be hiding and lurking in the water.

We can only know so much,
about the Deep Blue

I believe the Waves, the Ocean, and the Deep Blue,
all withhold…


The ocean can withhold anything you want it to,
Deep Blue



Tell Me The Story About Me

You were there
Holding me,
Feeding me,
Loving me,
Showing me that you cared
I lived trying to find out
How I wasn’t fully developed
I asked questions
But you denyed
I used to live in fear
Trying to figure out the otherside
Why, why
Couldn’t you tell me
It took so long
For you to try and get the courage to tell me
Because you love me
The day I was born
The crash
The hospital
The helicopter
The lungs
There you were
Holding me
Cherishing the moment
There you were telling me the story about me

Ann Richards School



The world is silent
The sky is blue
But the ground is as white
As clouds

Wing appear around you
Beautiful forms fill your vision
You see a light so bright
You look away

What surrounds you
Is softer then clouds
As sold as rock
But as beautiful as…..

Angels are what surround you
Are what you see

As beautiful as

Ann Richards School for Young Women