angels in new england

we were like angels
our toes carried us
quick against cold concrete to chipped red monkey bars
our fingers led us home
pointing to the swirling circles of light dance in the dark blue
our noses taught us how
the pale and bright hydrangea sang under it’s satisfied sun, the soil against my skin feeling like the safest home i knew
our lips brought us memories
crying the anthems of our little life
knowing how to build the words but never what lay behind them
our eyes granted wishes
blossoming fantasy into our own palms, shimmers of excitement sprouting from behind the glass and into the dark curls of my hair that shook with each over energetic blink
our hearts stayed
stayed as we drove away
as we felt the creak of that wood one last time
as we ran with a clueless smile out of that life forever
we were like angels
angels in new england

Austin High School


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