Condemned 5/5 (4)

(inspired by poet Terrance Hayes)

Hey, I am learning what it means to ride condemned.
Tossed amongst the eager waves dodging,

sharks teeth and glaring glass eyes.
A stain on your neighbor’s apron.

Under heavy covers waiting, for the sun to rise and stomp
dreams out to the curb with Monday’s trash.

Somewhere a child sits criss-cross, Awaiting answers only
Your instruction could provide.

But you ignore, and ignorance prevails,
The cavities triumphing, shining in silver.

Plato’s cave is home. With sunflowers in the yard
And bars over the windows.

The books punctuating the walls are all diaries
Locked, like the empty seats reserved for ghosts.

Hey, I am still learning what I’ve known my entire life.
That you take steps on the moon and I walk on broken glass.

James Bowie High school

11th grade

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