My Magic Box 4.29/5 (7)

I will put in the box
The whispering of wind through trees
A curtain made of gold
Colors no one has ever seen before.
I will put in the box
A feather from the bird of fire
The wings of a pegasus
A prophecy hiding the fate of the world.
I will put in the box
The brightest star in the galaxy
A starfish from the deepest seas
A silver sunflower that has everything.
I will put in the box
The shadows of those who came before
A priceless chandelier from the poor
The beauty of Autumn, never fading away
My box is accomplished dreams and glittery bubbles
Heavenly lights and sapphires as blue as the ocean
I shall fly in my box
High up in the clouds
Warm and fluffy like cotton candy.

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