People are always drifting

They fly here and there and anywhere.

So let me remind you

Of the time I broke my wings.


Angels go everywhere

You can never see them but they’re there.

The feathers that fall on the ground

They came from somewhere.


Maybe the sky was built on a few dreams

And yet I can’t seem to ever remember.

But, say, if I saw you again

Would you try to find me a second time?


If I walked past you

Would your heart take you to the past?

Maybe you’d feel a flicker

And suppress it with a smile and walk on.


And maybe the river runs in torrents

Faster than we can blink our eyes.

See that the sun now burns brighter

When there are no clouds in the sky.


Let’s take the river to the sky

We’ll swim through air to our past.

Let’s take the train with no return

And let old memories fade fast.


Walk on dried tears

To leave behind our fears.

Go headfirst through a drain

To find our childhood again.


If you find me it’d be in vain,

I don’t think I would be the same.

And I don’t think you would disagree

That you’ve also changed.


Everywhere I go

Scenes from a tale told long ago

Run through my mind

Brushing cobwebs off wounds

Spinning new stories

And never forgetting the old ones.


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