Rhyming 5/5 (4)

Rhyming is overrated.
Rhyming poems are childish and dated.
Free verse is far superior.
Rhymes are often so much drearier.

I say we extinguish the rhymes
We’ve used them on too many times.
Free verse is for the more artistic,
An art system that is truly mystic.

Rhymes are childish and creative,
Free verse is so spectacular and imaginative
Rhymes are tasteless they’ve out done their use,
Free verse is powerful, complex, and abstruse.

Children make rhymes, they’re old and tasteless,
Free verse are convoluted, elaborate, and audacious.
The definition of art is the application of skill and ability.
Free verse poems show my artistic agility.
Not some poem with rhyming, that’s easy!
Free verse is so intricate we only covered it briefly.



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